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“Since its creation, ICEMXX has been inspired by the fun we have with our friends and family, its just about mixing quality in life…ICEMXX is about Mixxing pleasure”.


The ICEMXX brand, our first Goodfeelinc brand, was founded in 2011, as we started to combine ice cream and alcohol in a new business concept. ICEMXX is an ice cream brand that stands for a pure, authentic core combined with a hip and chic appearance. ICEMXX cocktails, sticks and scoops are different innovative products, combining alcohol and ice cream, following our dream with the fun of ice cream.

With ICEMXX we want to prove that with just fun and mixing pleasure you can create anything in live.

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ice cream & alcohol

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The insights of the ICEMXX brand is about us getting a wake up call in life; Realising there is more in life to live for. Mixxing pleasure and pressure, finding the perfect balance between patience, perspective and focus is the working balance ICEMMX insights is all about.

Our fun creating something new, something fresh, inspiring people searching for a new balance in life.


Our patented ICEMXX cocktail shaker is a demonstration of our unique combination of creative outlook and savoir-faire. No boundaries, no limits, just creating a new cocktail innovation with ice cream and alcohol. A combination of our extensive knowledge mixing alcohol and ice cream, our team of product-designers and our never-ending positivity are the ingredients for the ICEMXX savoir-faire success.

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