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“Since its creation, New Moonshiners has been inspired by the free spirits in this world, who live in the moment, not following mainstream and just Let the Moon Shine”.


Founded in 2013, New Moonshiners has been build with an enduring passion, craftsmanship and lots of creativity. Specialized in premium, pure distilled products with an alcohol percentage below 15%, New Moonshiners is very committed to responsible drinking and the freedom of choice for less or no alcohol. The three basic sources of our New Moonshiners products are quality, sustainability and purity.

With our New Moonshiners adventure we honor all free spirits in this world and we want to inspire everyone to fight for free spirits and to let the moon shine.

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One of the insights of the New Moonshiners brand is the emergence of a new fighting generation Z that wants to break free in a world objecting their freedom of choice.

We call them the free spirits.


Our visionary attitude about less alcohol and a more freedom oriented, responsible generation is where New Moonshiners insights is about.


Since it was founded, New Moonshiners has always demonstrated intense creativity combined with expert savoir-faire. The area around the distillery in Tilburg, Netherlands, is our precious terroir for the production of our distilled products. Benefiting from the extraordinary soft water from this unique geographical location, our devoted suppliers and the extensive knowledge and experience of our master distiller are unique ingredients for our New Moonshiners savoir-faire excellence.

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